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The following are a few of the projects Asset Home Building has recently completed:

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San Ramon, Client:



The Carter's: 
Project objectives: Provide safety and accessibility upgrades throughout the whole house.
Remove all the acoustic "popcorn" on ceilings, refinish, texture and paint: Testing confirmed the presence of Asbestos, we brought in an abatement sub contractor to safely remove contain and eliminate the problem. A third party testing company confirmed the safe removal.
Remodel the hall and master baths: For the hall bath, the floor plan worked, but all the fixtures and finishes need an update. As the home was built in the early 60's, and young children where in residence during the remodel, lead paint and dust were concerns. Using RRP certified containment procedures, we stripped the drywall and safely removed all Lead and contaminants. In the master bath, the same lead safe procedures were necessary. However we changed the layout to provide better accessibility. 
Rebuild the stair: The existing handrails were not safe, not to mention un-attractive. With a grandchild in residence and a need for extra accessibility, the loose handrail and non-code compliant balustrade spacing were just dangerous. With a few changes to the existing layout, we resolved the code requirements. The new handrail system featured continuous handrail on both sides and the addition of a volute at the first landing, greatly improving accessibility. The beautiful oak handrail, contrasted by painted balusters and skirts, make this stair a great feature of the home.  


The Kistlers:
Project objectives: To take an uncommonly shaped bathroom and re-design it to be more accessible, functional and efficient. To add more storage space, re-design the shower, and replace the 75 gallon tub with something more reasonable. The room, being 7 foot wide and 28 foot long, was affectionately referred to as "the bowling ally". Although a considerable volume for a bathroom, the 7 foot constraint made it difficult to situate space efficiently. After presenting several options, the Kistlers where able to create  a floor plan that suited their needs. The key changes included segmenting the room to add a walk in closet, relocating the wet closet, tub and vanity sinks, changing the design of the shower and utilizing pocket doors at the entry points. Throughout the design phase the material selection was focused on enhancing the visual perception of size. These goals were accomplished by the use of glass doors and shower surround which gave the space an open feeling and heavy granite slabs lending mass to anchor the visual perspective. The end result was a smaller space that felt bigger, was more functional, had ample storage and was visually stunning.




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The Shea Residence:
This charming San Francisco Bungalow, built in the 1940's, had much of the original arts and craft styled details intact. With the exception of the bathroom and kitchen, both were "updated" in the early 80's when a frugal seller flipped the property. The resulting mismatch in decor left the new owners with an unfunctional, unattractive living space. The mission: bring back fuctionality while preserving the original style.  

The Kitchen:
The existing space was poorly designed, frought with blind corner cabinets and dead spaces. Working with the client, we where able to change the layout to utilize every inch of avalable space. By altering the closet space of the bedroom on a shared partition wall, we were able to move the refrigerator to the center of the room, relieving a cluttered corner and allowed us to add a dishwasher. On the opposing wall, the shift of the bedroom closet provided for a full closet accessed from the hall. With a little "out of the box" thinking, the addition of a full height, segmented, pull out pantry completed the storage. Without doing an expensive addition, we were able to increase the storage capicity in the kitchen by more than a third, while adding precious hall closet space and maintaining the bedroom closet space.





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The Bathroom:
In the bathroom, we decided to bring back some of that classic 40's marble tile detail, with some modern accents in the form of granite mosaic boders on the walls and floor, brushed nickel finishes, and a classic pedistal sink. Rather than send the period styled tub to the landfill, we decided to have it refinished, preserving the style of the original and adding dollars to the buget. The addition of a skylight, vent fan, and glass shower door brought this bath into the 21st century, while retaining the original home builder's vision.
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Tooman Residence:

The Porch Addition:
The Tooman's had their custom home built in the mid-90's. This 7000 sqft. ranch-style home was perfectly suited for their needs, however certain aesthetic elements were overlooked in the original construction. While the design held true to the ranch style in the classic sense, the lack of a defined entry left guests perplexed as to the location of the front door. The solution: add a decorative addition to the entry. Designed to match the styling and integrate seamlessly into the original structure, brick and archetecural woodworking create a entry worthy of this classic home.

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The Kitchenette:

  Having completed the exterior project (above), we moved indoors to enhance the entertaining functionality of the home. In a 7000 sqft home, you have a lot of options for entertaining spaces, however the floor plan provided for a fairly open concept third floor. This lent itself well to entertaining a large group. Due to the location of the kitchen on the first floor, a small kitchette with a wet bar was a practical neccessity. The selected finishes in the tile backsplash and lighting create a fun, festive environment. The granite counter tops, stainless fixtures, and amber stained cabinetry add practical functionality and elegance to an entertaining area suited equally for a full choir practice, or simply sipping a cup of coffee with a good book.

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The Campbell residence:

The Master Bath:

The home of Jack and Rose Campbell, built in the early 60's, was ready for a makover. The project started as a simple update, with provision to enlarge the existing 30"x 30" shower. However, in the process of demolition we discovered somthing dreaded by homeowners and contractors alike: dry rot. Although an unpleasnt discovery, we were able to inform the client, address the issue, and with some creative adjustment to the plan, still complete the project on schedule and within the budget. As with all our projects, measures to prevent future dry rot issues were put in place. Jack now has a bathroom that is as durable and easily maintained as it is functional.



The Hall Bath:
With the completion of the master bath, The Campbell's decided to have us do the hall bath as well. This room received the same treatment as the former, but benifited from the addition of a jetted tub, recessed medicine cabinet and 3/8" thick floating glass shelf's. The bright chrome accents frame the attention to detail.

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